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There are different types of travelers. The first is moving to a sales job. The second is that traveling to a vacation. Then another one is traveling or a couple of times a year, so called as an occasional traveler. People may have several reasons why they travel, but all they pray often for the same thing, a safe and quiet place to rest when the night comes, a nice cheap hotel. It is essential to choose the exact or you sleep like a dog on the street, drunken people hunts.

You can wear reflective clothing to make it easier for motorists to see you at night, but it’s still not safe to jog after the sun has gone down. At night, you’re more likely to become a victim of crime. And, you can’t see obstacles in your way. That means that something like a pothole can easily trip you up and cause injuries.

Parking lots seem to be a favorite stalking ground of the bad guys. They know that most of the people that are in those parking lots of women. And that most of them are distracted either with their cell phone, their kids, trying to find their car and all kinds of other distractions. The more distractions there are the easier it is for the bad guys to do their thing. Make sense?

As you approach your car, look around and under it. Check the inside for anyone also. If anything looks strange and you have an uneasy feeling, walk away and call someone for help.

There are personal alarm systems that contact emergency services when a button is pressed. This can be a pendant or a wrist type device. Some of these systems can be expensive and have a monthly subscription fee as well. One that we have experience with is the Guardian Alert system which has no monthly subscription and it can be programmed to call a family member, a neighbor or 911 in any order or just 911. Mom can talk directly to the person on the other side through the device she is wearing. It’s pretty cool.

Think of how it was when you went to college or high school. If you were lucky, your classes were close to each other. If you were like me, each class was in a different building, scattered all over the campus, usually on the top floor. The library was never next to the dorm…

Be alert: It’s easy to get into the “zone” while running. But try not to tune out the entire world! Be alert and aware. Take care to notice if anyone comes running up behind you, or if an oncoming driver appears not to notice you. Your senses and your judgment are the most valuable safety tool you carry.

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Pepper Spray – Personal Alarms – Your Right To Self Defense

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