New Super Luigi U Release Details

Okay, after a week away at E3, we’re back with Straight Shooting! Of course, most of the news is pretty much fallout from last week’s show, and most of it seems centered around the upcoming Wii U, but nonetheless, here is what has come up over the weekend and today.

As for why I’m so late tonight? Three-hour WWE Monday Night Raw. Thankfully, the last one for a while, though The Score waiting to run it an hour and fifteen minutes after it begins in the States doesn’t help. Not to mention how that excludes us from the voting, but let’s face it: “Power to the People” was a complete sham, as evident by an even greater lack of Zack (Ryder) than usual.

First up is the promised The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition. The game is free until February 20, 2012, so gamers will have plenty of time to download the game. It features a single player mode as well as up to four players on co-op. The game can be downloaded on the Nintendo 3DS, DSi and DSi XL. Multiplayer requires that each person have their own handheld and copy of the game.

Nintendo says that for any 3DS owner who connects online to the Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδας με WordPress at least once before August 12 will automatically be registered into its Ambassador program which will give owners a couple of perks.

Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel explains why an episodic Rayman wouldn’t work, likening it to Zelda, which is why they have since opted to bring Rayman Origins to retail.

Another thing to consider is that it seems that Nintendo may be pushing many of their customers towards the very thing they have fought against for so very long: piracy. While not everyone would necessarily pirate the games, there is a good chance there are some who would in lieu of being able to obtain a legitimate copy, while others have already announced their plans to hack their systems just the same so that they can import. If Nintendo wanted to keep people on the straight and narrow, withholding so many games they want to play during a drought of software is really not the way to do so.

Being an avid retro gamer and collector all I can say is YES! If this is indeed a true rumor, I will be getting a brand new copy for my collection. Of course since there is no chance that they would bring this to English speaking countries, we would have to wait for a translated ROM to actually play and understand it, but either way this could be huge news!

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