Maximize Your Hard-Earned Dollars When Buying Real Estate

A long time ago (like 8 years) it was easy to print up some business cards. You popped into your friendly Office Depot and got some stock, did a quick template (instructions on the cover of the package of card stock), printed them on your inkjet and, voila, business cards.

This is a mistake because it’s “all about you”. Not only that but the only things you’re promoting here are (1) The nice atmosphere of your office and (2) what a great career Real Estate is . If you keep going you might talk the other person into becoming a Realtors agent but they won’t be a prospective client or referral source.

Credit card debt has gotten to the point that it is not like owing the general store and not paying off the bill at the end of the month or when you get your next pay check. This is loan sharking at its worst and some say the rights of individuals were taken away by the changes in the bankruptcy laws made recently due to the efforts of lobbyists from the credit card companies. I think the little guy needs help and that is why I wrote this book. There is a term used often in Real Estate: “Operating from a position of superior knowledge”. One can get sued for taking advantage of another for just this reason. Seems to me, the credit card companies mentioned above along with many others, are operating from a position of superior knowledge.

It’s really important that people understand that it’s all about getting traffic into the house. If people don’t like the pictures they are seeing online they are not going to come and look at the house. There are services available where you are able to virtually provide furniture for a property that’s already vacant. When looking at an empty room online, there is nothing attractive about it, but if you see the same room after it has been filled with virtual furniture, it is much more inviting.

My design emerged in the second half of the 19th century and incorporated many features mass produced by new machine technology. Some of these include patterned shingles, spindles, and decorative brackets. I often have elaborate second floor curved towers and large airy porches.

Two areas we all have the potential to face one day in our lives are tax problems and/or medical bills. One or the other can be devastating. I had open heart surgery in July 2006 and if it wasn’t for a super medical insurance program, I might have had to sell our house. The bills were enormous.

A couple had their home on the market for six months before their current agent came along. All they were trying to do is just get out of the payment; they didn’t have any equity. But when their agent waived the sales commission, they were able to price their home lower because they weren’t being charged anything to sell the home. Then, with the new lower price, it sold within 30 days for full price.

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