How To Increase Myspace Music Plays

Marketing music through snapshots? Sell music online by taking photographs? Meeting new fans with a click of the digital camera? It’s possible and actually happening RIGHT NOW.

Build Your Fan Base: Bonuses are always good – free is outstanding. While not every musician can afford to give away t-shirts or CD’s, create something with your bands name on it that people will use. The key to music promotion is to stand out. Obviously, if your fan base grows, so will the interest in your music.

True, you’re an original artist/band making original songs, but if you want to get noticed, doing a cover of another artist/band’s music is A-OK. It’s been done countless ways before – even established artists/bands do it. If you do a great cover song, new listeners will be interested in your own stuff. They will Google you, find your track/album on an online store, and thereby selling your songs, your original stuff..

Get on forums, blogs and other websites and spread the word about you and your band! – Visit forums related to your type of music and start getting involved. Make comments on these forums and blogs that let people know who you are. Be sure to make comments that contribute to the conversation and not just to obviously advertise yourself or you may be kicked off. Ask some of your fans, friends and family to do the same. The more people out there talking about you the better.

With the increase in bootlegging in the music industry, many artists are now taking it upon themselves to distribute their own CD’s. If you want to be apart of the group, your going to need to know 2 things, one, it’s not easy work, and two, you have to vision your goal ahead of time.

Licensing your music for use with television, film, advertising, websites, video games and other multimedia will open up your listening audience, provide revenue and introduce a degree of professionalism to your career that attracts the notice of industry reps and A&R. Adding this depth to your web promotion helps to enrich the presentation of your music and retain targeted listeners.

Promo Tip #12 Hand out your CDs (or demos). Have your web link printed on the CD. Include your band name and contact info as well. Remember, your name on the work is more important than the name of the work. Hand the CD to club owners that feature your type of music.

Here’s the deal though, if you are going to use this strategy. You BETTER have some good material inside that email. This strategy is certainly not the only strategy to have in your little indie promoting toolbox, but used correctly it can increase your open rate. Just like your songs, you want to use variety. So approach your indie music promotion and email strategy the same way.

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