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With the cool weather of autumn quickly starting to take over our days, it is easy to start thinking about the coming holidays like Halloween. There are many things to think about and do to prepare for Halloween. You need to find the best costumes for the night and any parties you may get to attend.

Lunches are not feasts, they are mid day meals to provide enough energy to get you to your afternoon snacks. Lunch should have high proteins, lots of fruits and veggies, with a small amount of whole grain carbohydrates, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, limit the size here. The protein and veggies fill you up the carbs are just to add some texture and flavor. offers 9″ slim retro silver tinsel pre-lit artificial Christmas tree with 650 clear frosted lights and 1,369 tips. This is a great Christmas tree for the modern decoration and comes with a silver metal Christmas tree stand. The silver Christmas tree from has a construction of hinged branches. The assembly of the silver Christmas tree is easy and is in 4 pieces to assemble together. The cost of the silver Christmas tree at is $249.99 with applicable shipping charges.

Look around from the valley and, no matter how hard you look, the view is more/less the same. Cut down a few trees and you can see more. Jump around and you’ll catch short glimpses of a bigger picture. Yet you can’t stay up long enough to accurately store it in your memory. Climb up a hill and you will see it all and more.

Fear is a major killer of momentum. Afraid to fail, afraid to succeed -we simply don’t move, we become paralyzed. We were not designed to walk in fear, but to walk in freedom. Freedom is where energy, creativity and focus live. Make no mistake, I know very well that this is a difficult emotion to acknowledge, accept and embrace. Fortunately, when we acknowledge the fear and its hold on our lives that keep us from where we want to go and meant to be – fear miraculously begins to loosen it hold on us and freedom begins to show up almost saying, “I can’t wait to show you all the great things that are in store for you”.

People choose Kerala for their leisure trips and Yoga Holidays Nicoya peninsula is just because of the calm environment. This is the ideal place to relax and to enjoy fresh air. The unpolluted backwaters in Kerala are the best site for your eyes.

Another good way of going into the now is directing your focus on the body’s energy field. Close your eyes and hold your hands in front of you without touching anything. Ask yourself: ‘How do I know that my hands exist when I close my eyes?’. Feel the subtle feeling of living warmth in your hands. Once you get it, feel it in the entire body. Don’t analyze it, don’t think about it. Just feel it. Focus on the sensory perceptions, not on the mental interpretations of them.

There are mountains for you to walk and caves for you to discover. Whatever you like doing there will be plenty of time to discuss the day’s events over a lovely meal, which as you can imagine, there are lots of places to find restaurants.

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