Carp Fishing Holidays On Ebay

I could imagine Jim’s amused face on the other end of the line: I heard him giggling and I was sure he knew, once again, I was hooked. His bait? He had promised to foot the bill for a short break in Wales, with a possible Pembrokeshire Holidays tour for the two of us scheduled for next Summer.

It is important to assess your idea objectively in the cold light of day. By all means seek expert opinions, and ask the opinion of people you trust. But make your own assessment of the facts too. Business history is littered with examples of highly successful business ideas that no one but their inventor believed would work – one need look no further that Dyson’s bagless vacuum cleaner or Richard Bayliss’s clockwork radio. What distinguished these two inventors was absolute determination and the ability to grit their teeth and plough on, regardless of criticism and opposition.

When he hung Karpfenangeln Ungarn up I continued my TV program. When it was over, I sat down at the sofa chair, my eyes casting a furtive glance at the clear, moonlit night sky. I began to reminisce.

If you’re looking for a carp fishing holiday, or any fishing holiday come to that, don’t think of eBay as…well, eBay. Think of it as a holiday brochure. By that, I mean check the venues, check the prices and check the feedback, just as you might when booking a ‘normal’ holiday. Personally, I’d be looking for a well-written, well presented advertisement for a venue that looks the part, offers the kind of fishing I want and has good feedback. If it’s a shoddy advert, there’s every chance the service you receive will be shoddy too.

But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore other people’s opinions or skimp on market research. Indeed careful planning and research will allow you to hone your original idea, creating an embryonic viable business.

Identify your competitors – how many of them are there, and how successful are they. Who is the lead player? Who is second? Find out as much as you can about them – collect brochures, leaflets and any other information you can. Test out their websites and call their enquiry service or visit their shop/office if it is open to the public. Analyse their service/product honestly and objectively. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses?

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